New San Francisco DA Revokes Dozens Of Plea Deals Made By Radical Predecessor

The newly elected San Francisco district attorney who replaced ousted radical leftist DA Chesa Boudin has revoked dozens of plea deals doled out by her predecessor.

In a press release sent out on Wednesday, San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins announced that she had revoked over 30 plea bargains that Boudin had offered to drug offenders during his tenure as DA.

Her decision to reverse these plea agreements is part of a broader policy she unveiled which would prohibit drug dealers that are arrested with more than five grams of drugs from being referred to San Francisco’s so-called “community justice court.”

Jenkins’ policy would also give enhanced charges to drug dealers who are arrested within 1,000 feet of a school, and would potentially pursue pre-trial detention for fentanyl dealers “in extreme cases.”

“Since 2020, nearly 1,500 people have died of drug overdose in part because dealers have been allowed to operate with impunity,” Jenkins said in the press release.

“The lethality of fentanyl presents a different challenge, and we must immediately change course, so we can save lives and hold people accountable for the havoc they are wreaking in our communities like the Tenderloin and South of Market,” the press release continued. “Going forward defendants holding lethal doses of fentanyl will face felony charges.”

In the press release, Jenkins provided an example of a case in which a plea deal was revoked. The case involved a fentanyl dealer in the city’s Tenderloin district who had been arrested with over 100 grams of fentanyl — who already had six open cases for dealing the dangerous drug in the same district.

The dealer had previously been referred to the community justice court at least five times under Boudin’s administration, despite the fact that he had continued to not comply with the court’s mandated requirements and had violated a stay away order from the Tenderloin district each time he was arrested.

In order to close all six outstanding cases, the Boudin administration offered the drug dealer a single misdemeanor charge.

Jenkins’ press release went on to call out Boudin’s failure to prosecute drug crimes during his time in office.

According to a review of outstanding drug cases published by the DA’s office, as of July 2022 there are 157 cases involving narcotics sales which are currently in collaborative courts such as San Francisco’s community justice court. Out of those 157 cases, 88 involve fentanyl, and 40 of the defendants in those cases have multiple open drug cases.

To make matters worse, data from the San Francisco Superior Court revealed that Boudin’s administration did not obtain a single conviction for dealing fentanyl in 2021 — which is especially shocking when compared to Boudin’s far-left counterparts in other cities. Even radical leftist Los Angeles DA George Gascon’s office obtained convictions in 90 drug cases in 2021, according to reporting from Jenkins’ office.

Since taking office in July, Jenkins has shown that she is desperately trying to undo the damage done by Boudin’s administration, reversing course from his soft-on-crime policies which have only served to hurt Californians and allow criminals to run rampant.

Showing that she is serious about turning things around, shortly after stepping into the DA’s office Jenkins fired 15 of Boudin’s staffers, including his chief of staff, managing attorney, assistant chief of general crimes, communications director and policy advisor, director of data, director of analytics, director of research and managing attorney of the independent investigations bureau.

“Today, I made difficult but important changes to my management team and staff that will help advance my vision to restore a sense of safety in San Francisco by holding serious and repeat offenders accountable and implementing smart criminal justice reforms,” the district attorney said in a statement to SFGATE at the time.

Boudin was recalled in June, receiving an overwhelming vote of no confidence from the left-wing city — as 60% of San Francisco residents voted to recall the DA who had been elected with the support of left-wing billionaire George Soros.