New Poll Shows Democrats Losing Midterm Election Ground with Base

A new poll conducted by NPR and Marist between April 19 and 26 shows Republicans hold an edge in the runup to this November’s midterm federal elections, even among voting groups that have traditionally gone with Democrats.

A majority of Latino voters at 52 percent said they would choose a generic Republican candidate over a generic Democrat, while 39 percent preferred Democrats.

Among younger voters under 45 years old, 50 percent would rather vote for a Republican and 40 percent would choose a Democrat. That marks an especially troubling shift for Democrats. In the 2020 presidential election, 55 percent of voters between 30 and 49 voted for Joe Biden as did 59 percent of those under age 30.

Among independent voters, 45 percent said they would prefer a Republican candidate this year while 38 percent would rather go with a Democrat.

Among all likely voters, 47 percent would go with a Republican and 44 percent prefer a Democrat. Polling for a generic congressional ballot has normally leaned in favor of Democrats, and this is the first time Republicans have been ahead in this type of poll since 2014.

Biden’s approval rating meanwhile continues to tumble. Only 41 percent of all voters approve of his job performance while 51 percent disapprove.

Republicans said that economic issues are the most important to them in the upcoming elections, and 42 percent of all voters said they believe the GOP would do a better job managing the economy. That compares with 26 percent who said they think Democrats would be better on the economy.

As for inflation, 41 percent of respondents trust Republicans more to get it under control compared to only 20 percent who think Democrats would be better on the issue. Republicans also led Democrats in several other issues, including crime, immigration, gun rights, and national security.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to appear oblivious to the disastrous numbers that Democrats face nationally. She told reporters last Thursday that she doesn’t think the American public blames Democrats for the surging gas prices that have plagued the country since Biden assumed office.

Instead, Pelosi said, “I think they’re blaming oil companies.” She argued with a reporter, asking if they thought that Americans would blame Democrats for trying to “free the consumer from the stranglehold of Big Oil.”

Also on Thursday, Biden commented on Commerce Department reports that the national economy contracted by 1.4 percent in the first quarter of the year by saying, “I’m not concerned about a recession.”