New Poll Numbers Don’t Look Good For Democrats

The newest ABC News/Washington Post poll is out, and while it hasn’t always been good to Republicans in the past, things have changed dramatically in recent months. Joe Biden’s popularity rating has dropped to its lowest point in the series, but that isn’t the worst news for Democrats.

As Republicans seek to retake control of both chambers of Congress, the statistics in Senate battleground states put the upper section solidly in their hands. It’s not only ripe for a red wave in a GOP +10 climate. It’s ripe for a historical tsunami. When the House is now virtually equally divided, they may be talking about a 60-seat pickup.

The GOP has a +23% probability of gaining up seats in the states that decide the Senate next year. That’s a fantastic victory for Republicans, but even if the percentages are wrong by a few percentage points, the Democrats are still losing both majorities. The big shocker might be in Nevada, where a change in Hispanic support for the GOP could fuel a second surge.

There is no comeback, and if I’m betting, there won’t be one, says Howard Dean, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He says that this president will not change the manner Bill Clinton did during his first term. Those in charge of the Democratic Party are satisfied to keep doubling down on the issues pushing Americans to the Republican Party.

Nobody can envisage a scenario in which things will change so drastically that Democrats will be able to recover themselves at this moment. The margins may shift, but the GOP is on track to win big next year. Sure, there’s always the possibility that things may change, but it can’t be believed that’s probable.