New Jersey Governor’s Pitch For People And Businesses To Move To His State Is Hilariously Tone-Dead

The gubernatorial election in New Jersey will be held on November 2nd to encourage businesses and individuals to come to his state. Murphy claims that people come to New Jersey for liberal principles, not inexpensive expenses in his re-election campaign.

Gov. Phil Murphy said companies seek individuals who have progressive views on abortion, voting rights, and gun control to lure top talent to New Jersey. “Our high taxes and restrictions may force them to go bankrupt, but in exchange, they make it simpler to have an abortion and more difficult to defend themselves,” he claims.

If Phil Murphy wins the November 2nd election, he would be the first Democrat governor of New Jersey in four decades. He claims that refunds, credits, and additional school funding have alleviated the sting of New Jersey’s highest in the nation property taxes. Businesses, according to the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive, expect more for their money.

When compared to the previous budget approved by his predecessor, two-term Republican Chris Christie, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has raised state expenditure by more than $11 billion to a record $46.4 billion. “They’re on the list if their company strategy incorporates a high-value-added, highly trained labor,” he said. Under Christie, New Jersey was demoted 11 times, and an upgrade might take at least another year.

Moreover, he has raised school spending, legalized marijuana, and expanded paid family leave as a self-proclaimed progressive. In addition, he paid the first complete contribution into New Jersey’s pension system in over a quarter-century. According to the most available numbers, the average property tax payment in New Jersey was $9,112 in 2020, up from $8,744 in 2009.

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey claims that film and IT businesses flock to the state because of its talent and location. According to his administration, a record number of films and television series are being shot in New Jersey. Tesla’s plan to relocate its headquarters from California to Texas “surprised me,” according to Murphy.