New Gun Study Takes Down Pro-Gun Control Narrative

There are many gun control narratives that have been disproven with the passing of time, real life, or data-driven studies.

One of the most common narratives from the anti-gun left is that more gun control saves lives. However, in May 2022, the Brooklyn, New York mass shooter admitted that he targeted this state because of its gun rules.

Gun control supporters also argue that concealed carry poses a danger to the general public. Meanwhile, there is absolutely no evidence to link concealed carry permit possession with higher crime rates.

Ironically, concealed carry permit holders are said to be some of the most lawful Americans, due to the rules of obtaining such a license.

Now, a brand new study from Rand Corporation is once again taking down another gun control narrative.

The Study Every American Should Know About
Data from Rand Corporation directly tracked 2016 gun ownership rates in homes across the United States. Ultimately, this data did not support the left-wing narrative that more guns breed more crime.

In fact, the data is said to have actually underestimated the amount of gun ownership in America. This is largely owing to the massive upticks in new gun purchases during 2020.

Rand Corporation revealed that states with considerable numbers of gun owners either had lower crime rates than anti-gun states, or crime rates that were similar. This means there is no correlation between heavy gun control measures and less crime.

Crime Prevention Research Center President John Lott broke down the Rand Corporation research as well. Lott explained that gun grabs only take weapons away from some criminals. Meanwhile, virtually all lawful citizens are disarmed.

Therefore, this creates a situation where more criminals are inspired to offend because they know the odds of their victims being armed are low. Again, this was proven by the manifesto of the Brooklyn shooter in May 2022.

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud
Days before Rand Corporation proved what many conservatives knew all along, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) was challenged on actions she’s taking to infringe on her state resident’s gun rights.

During a press conference, Hochul was specifically asked whether she has numbers or data to show concealed carry permit holders committing crimes.

To this end, the Democratic governor claimed she didn’t “need to have” this information because of her “responsibility” to put through more gun control.

Despite the clear facts laid out by Rand Corporation and the Crime Prevention Research Center, Democrats will not walk back their agenda to disarm and disempower law-abiding gun owners.