New Department of Energy Hire Defends Underage Prostitution in Op-Ed

President Joe Biden’s administration’s recent high-level Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy hire defended a gay prostitution website that allowed children to be promoted for prostitution services.

Sam Brinton defended the website “” and wrote about it in an op-ed for Advocate magazine. In the op-ed, Brinton says that the website was the first time that vulnerable member of the LGBTQ community were able to live on their own and escape “family rejection and homelessness because of their sexual orientation or gender identitiy.”

Brinton said, “ may or may not have broken the law. I don’t know.” advertised an escort service but when federal agents went undercover to investigate the website, they found that it was riddled with prostitution. The feds raided the headquarters office of the website and seized $1.4 million from their bank accounts. was also skimping on the age verification checks and didn’t remove advertisements when the advertisers failed to provide identification included in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of New York’s indictment that revealed the site’s negligence regarding underage sex work, particularly in Asia.

According to the indictment, “In one case, after an escort agency failed to provide photo identification for an escort, a RENTBOY.COM employee advised the escort agency that he had deleted photographs with the face of the subject escort, but left the advertisement online and left photographs that showed only the escort’s body.”

The indictment also explains that Jeffrey Hurant and other employees advised their advertising department to lessen the age verification in the Asian market and said, “In Asia ok to approve them…unless you see a baby… :)”

Brintin then admits that youth LGBT youth use sex work to survive.

Brintin said, “…sex work disproportionately affects the LGBT community. Transgender people engage in sex work at a rate 10 tiems that of cisgender (nontrans) women. And many LGBT youth engage in sex work just to survive. A 2013 Center for American Progress report suggests that LGBT youth are more than three times as likely to have engaged in survival sex.”

In another email in the indictment, an employee acknowledges that there’s always underage sex workers in Asia. Even with that revelation, the company didn’t do anything to stop the practice.

It’s unfortunate that the Biden administration would hire Brinton, and hopefully when they did they were unaware of the op-ed he wrote in 2015 defending underage prostitution. After the administration discovers the op-ed, they should, at the very least, begin an investigation to determine if he was involved in the website’s underage sex market.