Never Trump Supporters Get “Criticized” By Americans After They Show Joe Biden Remorse

According to the reports, Joe Biden has stated that he favors modifying the Senate filibuster rules so that just a small number of senators may obstruct voting rights legislation. Republicans, and honestly, everyone who disagrees with Biden’s view on federalizing elections, has been equated to racists. He stated he was prepared to do anything to have his way, including abandoning all values.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden addressed the Senate’s Civil Rights and Voting Rights Bills, asking whether Americans choose democracy to autocracy, light to shadows, and justice to injustice. He’s well aware of his position. Biden said, do you want to be on Dr. King’s or George Wallace’s side? Bull Connor or John Lewis? Is it better to be Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?

Moreover, it’s no secret that Joe Biden is a jerk, but comparing supporters of voter integrity legislation to racists and segregationists is ugly. Democrats can’t think of a single law that would take away someone’s ability to vote. Several of the bills improve voting rights. Indeed, Biden’s home state has fewer voting chances than Georgia, one of Joe Biden’s target states.

We all knew he wasn’t the most innovative tool in the shed, and he’d been viewed as a bumbling fool for decades. For decades, Joe has had race issues. They’ve been on display for all to see, and we’ve discussed them extensively. We all knew that if the Democrats won, they would try to push the country even further to the left and seize whatever authority they could.

Furthermore, Joe Biden has always been this type of person. On the other hand, never-Trump supporters were unconcerned about the consequences of their conduct since they were so distraught about President Donald Trump. Maybe they couldn’t see because they couldn’t think far enough ahead. They contributed to our current predicament, which we must now collectively deal with.