Need a reason not to vote for Biden/Harris? Here are 50

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The modern left must be stopped and thoroughly discredited before it destroys America. Is it too late?

Consider that the modern left and the godless Marxists stand for, actively promote, and/or have accomplished the following:

1. Legalized murder in the womb, AKA abortion

2. Legalized many street drugs

3. Encourage releasing prisoners into the cities

4. Renaming streets and places in the name of cancel culture

5. Renamed sports teams

6. Tearing down monuments and memorials

7. Rioting

8. Looting

9. Arson

10. Murder

11. Mayhem

12. Revisionist history

13. Atheism

14. Marxism

15. Communism

16. Socialism

17. Activist judges

18. Spying on American citizens

19. Race-baiting

20. War on cops and disrespect for rule of law

21. Spying on a presidential candidate

22. Spying on a sitting president

23. Weaponizing intelligence agencies

24. Weaponizing the IRS

25. Sanctuary cities

26. Sanctuary states

27. Leaking of classified information

28. Co-opting the media for partisan propaganda purposes

29. Ballot-harvesting

30. Entitlement programs for illegals

31. Open borders

32. No cash bail

33. Usurping the presidency in 2008 and 2012

34. Green New Deal

35. AOC and the squad

36. Shredding the Constitution

37. Redefining marriage

38. Destruction of the family unit

39. Embrace of BLM and Antifa

40. Disrespecting the flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem

41. Boys participating in girls’ activities and vice versa

42. Destruction of the Boy Scouts

43. Bogus and destructive climate change policies

44. Climate Change fear-mongering based on lies and bogus scientific claims

45. Clinton pay-for-play corruption

46. Biden pay-for-play corruption

47. Destruction of evidence

48. Russia collusion hoax

49. Phony impeachment

50. Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden: the most corrupt administration in American history

This list was amazingly easy to compile and nowhere near dispositive. I can come up with many, many more items to add to this list of shame. But this list should be persuasive enough to give anyone pause and provide a clear indication of the threat the modern left poses to the American way of life and our future as a free, secure, and prosperous society.

The unprincipled progressive politicians, the Marxist academics, the race-baiters, the anti-Trumpers, and the despicable media propagandists who constitute the modern left are selfishly pursuing a radical agenda intent on destroying America and its founding principles. This anti-American leftist agenda must be stopped and thoroughly discredited before real and irrevocable harm is done.

Left unchecked, the modern radical left is an existential threat to our safety, our prosperity, and our freedom. That means that the Wicked Witch of the West, Kamala Harris, and Swampy Joe, running as a “proud Democrat,” must be defeated on November 3. Anything less and America as we know it is finished.