NBC News Takes Shot At Unvaccinated Individuals

In most places across the country, COVID-19 vaccine mandates have been soundly defeated. Even the CDC eventually conceded that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent anyone who takes them from getting sick, being contagious, or experiencing symptoms of the virus.

So far, most people have moved on with their lives. Most Americans today are not thinking about whether or not the person next to them is vaccinated against COVID-19.

However, for some special interest groups, old habits die hard. NBC News is currently taking heat for encouraging parents, in particular, to shun unvaccinated individuals.

Horrible Guidance
NBC News stated that parents who want to protect their children from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) would do well to steer clear of folks who are not unvaccinated. This seems to be a clear reference to the COVID-19 vaccine since a vaccine for RSV does not exist.

Of course, NBC also declared that taking flu and COVID-19 vaccines could very well help recipients fight back against RSV. How this would happen exactly remains a mystery.

Though this guidance comes as big pharmaceutical companies are now investigating a possible connection between COVID-19 vaccines and myocarditis.

These new studies were not mentioned by NBC in its latest guidance. However, potential health risks with this shot are serious business when even a minority of Americans’ jobs and ability to engage in society depend upon their vaccination status.

This is one reason why mandatory COVID-19 vaccines face so much backlash.

Terrible Optics
NBC News once again drumming up tension against the unvaccinated is poorly timed. It comes not even one month after The Atlantic wrote an op-ed, calling for “pandemic amnesty” and forgiveness of authoritarian measures adopted in response to COVID-19.

This op-ed took a lot of heat, with many Americans declaring no deal. Now, this new piece from NBC is simply a reminder of why “pandemic amnesty” is not truly realistic at this point.

The notion that parents should steer clear of unvaccinated individuals to dodge RSV flies in the face of the facts. Because vaccinated individuals can come down with COVID-19, experience symptoms, and spread the virus, what NBC News is advising has no scientific merit.

With the network getting so much public criticism right now, time will tell if NBC eventually tries to walk back its guidance.