National Black Farmers Association President Calls Out Biden Admin

During a Monday appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” National Black Farmers Association President John Boyd Jr. spoke out about the Biden administration’s lack of support for American farmers, and their failure to take action to prevent China from buying up farmland across the United States.

Boyd argued that the Biden “administration hasn’t put farmers first” — pointing out how President Joe Biden is once again pushing for billions of dollars in taxpayer money to be sent in aid to Ukraine while they still “haven’t taken care of America’s farmers here at home.”

“Now, they’re out proposing another $37 billion in aid to Ukraine and we haven’t taken care of America’s farmers here at home and the administration, like I said, isn’t doing enough to make sure that farmers get the aid that they need and support that they need from this administration,” he said. “We have 16,000 members that are still waiting for debt relief and we’re still finding aid for other countries.”

Boyd went on to cite skyrocketing inflation as a major problem plaguing America’s farmers, calling out Biden and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for not “doing enough” to help alleviate the effects of rising costs.

“Inflation is on the rise with no end in sight right now,” he said. “And the President, the Agriculture Secretary [aren’t] doing enough to assist America’s farmers right now.”

He also pointed out that China is “buying America’s farms,” and the Biden administration hasn’t “done anything about it.”

Boyd then asserted that “this administration has been totally silent on these issues,” and noted that despite Biden and his administration claiming to help the farming industry, they have not even been responding to meeting requests.

“There’s been no meeting from this administration and I’ve reached out to high-level officials, Democratic leadership,” he said. “They’re not keeping their word.”

“We’re facing farm foreclosures at a record high, farm input costs at a record high…and the administration isn’t doing anything about it. Totally silent,” Boyd added.

Boyd previously appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” to discuss the direct impacts that inflation has had on America’s farmers.

He also discussed concerns that small American farmers are nearing extinction in the U.S. during an appearance on NewsNation earlier this week, and asserted that the country may soon become a net food importer.