Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Pleads Guilty to DUI

Earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made headlines when she went through with her planned trip to Taiwan. Pelosi’s visit came in spite of the very loud temper tantrum thrown by the Chinese Communist Party.

At one point, China even warned it would shoot the House Speaker’s plane out of the sky if she dared to go through with her visit. Pelosi went anyway, and China didn’t make good on its threats.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan came weeks after her husband, Paul Pelosi, ran into legal problems for driving under the influence. In fact, it was widely speculated that the House Speaker went to Taiwan to deter media attention away from her husband’s legal issues.

Yet, this week, it came out that Paul Pelosi pled guilty to driving under the influence.

What to Know About Pelosi’s Guilty Plea
On Tuesday, the husband of the House Speaker admitted to driving while intoxicated nearly three months after his arrest in late May.

Following Pelosi’s guilty plea, he was sentenced to five days behind bars. However, this comes with time-served credits. On top of this, Pelosi has a three-year probation period to look forward to.

In addition to a $150 fine, the House Speaker’s husband will have to take a three-month-long lesson on drinking and driving, finish a court-mandated work program, and install an ignition interlock tool in his vehicle for 12 months.

Pelosi’s guilty plea to the DUI count came after he previously pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence. According to the district attorney’s office in Napa County, Pelosi’s alcohol level while driving in late May was at least 0.8%.

Officers with the California Highway Patrol claimed when they encountered Pelosi, he reeked of alcohol, couldn’t speak clearly, and had watery eyes.

Reactions From the General Public
On social media, many Americans weighed in with their takes on the legal repercussions that Paul Pelosi faces.

One popular view is that the House Speaker’s husband got off easy. Many Americans believe that if Pelosi weren’t wealthy and politically connected, he’d be facing harsher penalties and serious jail time.

People with this view warned the relatively lax repercussions that Pelosi faces are another example of the two-tiered justice system: one for the elites and another for everyday folks.