Nancy Pelosi Revealed Her Cluelessness About Florida Politics

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has a decades-long career as a politician. While her career in politics is longer than some Americans’ lifespans, this doesn’t mean she’s necessarily in touch with today’s average citizen.

In recent times especially, the House Speaker has made comments that seem to show a certain disconnect from what’s happening in the country.

An example of this involves Pelosi repeatedly cheering for Biden, even calling him “perfect” on multiple occasions. Meanwhile, polls show that most Americans have a very different outlook on the president. His nationwide disapproval rating alone is getting closer and closer to 60%.

As time passes, the House Speaker’s commentary is getting stranger, to say the least. As documented by The Blaze, her recent endorsement of Florida Democrat Charlie Crist speaks volumes about how little she knows.

Not a Good Look For Pelosi

In the state of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is up for re-election. Running to unseat him are several Democrats, one of whom is Charlie Crist.

On Monday morning, Crist released a campaign video where Pelosi endorsed his candidacy. Yet, not only did Pelosi endorse Crist for the Florida governorship, but she also took a swipe at Governor DeSantis.

In Pelosi’s words, the people of Florida “deserve better” than DeSantis. Crist, of course, was more than pleased to get the House Speaker’s endorsement. The Florida Democrat shouted from rooftops about how proud he was to have Pelosi in his corner.

Meanwhile, the statements from the House Speaker, especially as a California Democrat, show just how far removed she is from both Florida politics and the interests of Florida residents.

The Truth About Florida Politics Today

In the Florida governor’s race, DeSantis is far ahead of Crist and the other Democrats who want to boot him out of office.

On top of this, the Florida governor’s amassed a war chest to the tune of over $100 million. This is many times more than what any Florida Democratic candidate has in the state’s gubernatorial election.

What Pelosi doesn’t grasp is that many people moved to Florida because of Governor DeSantis’ leadership. Ironically, Pelosi’s home state of California actually lost some of the highest numbers of residents back in 2021.

Florida’s economy is thriving too, another accomplishment owed to the governorship of DeSantis. All signs in Florida politics indicate that DeSantis is well on his way to a second term, despite opposition from Democrats in California and elsewhere.