Nancy Pelosi Promises To Keep Beating Her Head Against A Brick Wall

As Democrats try to do their best to have the GOP support their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has bluntly denied any support in the Democrats’ quest to crush the economy. A senior United States Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, refused to vote for the bill calling it outrageous.

Manchin has made it very clear that it’s a hard no for him to support the bill, and he would rather have Biden’s agendas paused till 2022 if need be rather than vote in favor of it. Nancy Pelosi has recorded her response to Manchin’s refusal to keep ramming her head against the brick wall to achieve. But it seems she is getting delusional with all the headbanging. What Pelosi had to say about the bill shows that she is unaware of the depth of the issue at hand. She signaled that another $1.2 trillion Bipartisan infrastructure deal is waiting to be passed apart from the $3.5 trillion bipartisan reconciliation bill, which Manchin wanted to cut short to $1 trillion. In response to Manchin’s statement, Pelosi only had to say that the amount is somewhat lesser than what’s needed.

If we look at the list of free giveaways Nancy is planning, the citizens are likely to have a heart attack imagining the tax hikes and the uncontrollable inflation that will follow. Not to forget, the $2.8 trillion in debt needed to be sorted with congress before the reconciliation bill is passed. Nancy is sure to get her way with the bill and is hell-bent on having the GOP play along as well. Still, when the economy falls into a congressionally imposed shut down due to the debt limit, it will only be the Government in power that will bear the responsibility, and we hope Nancy understands this. So far, the media is still blaming the GOP for betraying the country by not signing up for something that even Manchin has refused to play along to.