Nancy Pelosi Has A Key Role In January 6 Riot

According to the reports, Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows faces jail time after refusing to cooperate with an unlawful subpoena issued by House Democrats. Meadows gave up more than 6,900 papers, including the now-famous emails he got from Fox News personalities Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, and Laura Ingraham during the Capitol incident. Because he was expected to be asked several questions regarding how he counseled Trump on the incident and what Trump said in response. Doing so would have compelled him to breach presidential executive privilege.

Every Democrat in the House voted to hold Rep. Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress and send his case to the Justice Department for prosecution. That means he might spend a year in prison and have to pay astronomical legal bills to defend himself. According to the Supreme Court, a select committee must obey its own rules to function legally. Suppose Meadows had come in for a deposition. In that case, the minority must have been permitted to examine him for the same amount of time as the majority, according to the committee’s charter.

Furthermore, Pelosi created the select committee illegally. It’s a tyrannical, medieval Star Chamber that uses the fear of prison, misrepresentation in the media, and personal bankruptcy to compel people to accept her hyper-partisan narrative. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), the top Republican on the House Administration Committee, reminded members of the House of a letter he and three colleagues wrote to Pelosi just days after the incident. “What are the majority’s secrets, and why aren’t the men and women who serve in the Capitol Police their priority?” asked Davis.

The day prior, Vice President Trump volunteered the National Guard to Capitol Police. Pelosi was never asked to authorize the employment of the US Capitol Police by the National Guard during the January 6 unrest. She is an insurrectionist.