Musk Slams ‘Teleprompter’ President Biden’s Leadership, Says US Following Venezuela’s Path

Billionaire Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk on Monday described President Joe Biden as being controlled by the person running the teleprompter. He went on to slam the administration’s ignorance of basic economic principles as the cause for rampant inflation.

On a Monday podcast, the billionaire entrepreneur said the actual president is the person controlling Biden’s teleprompter. Musk then made an analogy with the movie “Anchorman,” saying that if someone were to accidentally lean on the teleprompter, anything might happen.

Musk pointed out that the White House continues to try to pump trillions into an overheated and inflationary economy. Writing blank checks backed by nothing, he observes, is what led to Venezuela’s very public economic meltdown and social upheaval.

In a humorous side note, Musk compared the Biden administration to that of his predecessor. “Leaving Trump aside,” he observed, many in the 45th president’s entourage were “effective” at making things happen.

Whatever animosity Musk has with the current administration continues to be earned as Biden constantly ignores Tesla’s leadership in electric cars. When the White House wants to consult corporate leaders, Musk’s name is notably absent.

Biden, perhaps the president most beholden to unions in U.S. history, has a habit of proclaiming that “good-paying union jobs” will result from progress in the electric vehicle industry. He has visited Ford and GM factories and displayed their EVs proudly on the White House lawn.

The administration goes so far as to push larger tax credits for EVs purchased from factories that operate under union agreements. So, is the goal to help the environment by turning away from fossil fuel-powered vehicles or to aid your union donors?

In a February email exchange with CNBC, Musk said that his company is “pointedly ignored” by the president, who claimed that GM leads the electric car industry.

In the previous quarter, Musk noted that Tesla produced over 300,000 EVs to GM’s 26. Granted, having one correct answer to a math problem has come under fire for not being “woke” enough, but in any scenario, 300,000 is substantially more than 26.

Musk’s billionaire colleague and historically Democratic supporter Jeff Bezos also recently leveled criticism at Biden for grossly inaccurate statements on the economy. Seems the White House’s message isn’t even playing well to the choir these days.

Musk also revealed that he will break a lifelong trend and vote Republican in coming elections. He did not specify if he was referring to the November midterms or the 2024 presidential race. Or both.