MTG Targeted In Swatting Attack By Leftist Extremist

Taking a very strong stand against transgender surgery on minors, resulted in Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) being “swatted” at her home recently. The congresswoman has been repeatedly swatted. The first time was in the early morning hours of August 24, and then again on Aug. 25.

Swatting is when false emergency calls are made claiming someone is in danger. The action is dangerous to the unsuspecting victim as a large number of armed law enforcement is then dispatched to the location.

The congresswoman addressed the swatting on Twitter stating she takes a firm position against “gender-affirming care” and since she introduced her “Protect Children’s Innocence Act,” which makes the procedure on minors a felony, she has been harassed. Greene has referred to transgender procedures on minors as “child abuse.”

The swatting occurred after a 911 call during which the caller stated that there was a person in the bathtub who had been shot five times in the chest and that a woman in the home had a gun and was suicidal — this last detail indicates that the caller aimed to have the police

Audio of the 911 calls has been released. Greene believes the reason for the attack was due to the caller being angry with her legislation, and they wanted her to be killed by the police.

“”They wanted me to be murdered. Death by cop. That’s what swatting is and they were doing this in hopes that the police would kill me,” said Greene

The congresswoman said she normally would answer her door that time of day with her gun, but for some reason, which she refers to as possible divine intervention, she did not have her firearm with her upon opening her door.

“Because had I have done that we would have been in a whole different scenario because I probably would have been the target and that is the whole purpose of swatting someone,” she said.

Although shaken by the incidents, Greene gave kudos to the Rome, Georgia, police saying she understood their mindset.

“They were tactical. They had guns drawn. They were prepared for something serious.”

A suspect called the police stating they were affiliated with a cyberstalking website called and included their username “AltisticRight.” The address of the call was listed in Richmond, Virginia.

Rome police are investigating in conjunction with Capitol Police.