MSNBC Viewers LASH OUT At Reporter For Criticizing Biden Over Afghanistan, But She Says ‘She Was Quoting Jen Psaki’

Isn’t it funny how everyone goes to Twitter when they’re outraged? The social media platform seems to be the place to get out frustration and anger. Americans are generally lazy and don’t have anything else to do with their time.

Psychologically, endorphins are released when you’re satisfied with yourself, and what better place than Twitter for instant gratification?

Twitter is attacking Yamiche Alcindor because she spoke to MSNBC when she said that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was the worst day of President Joe Biden’s administration. She was attacked because people on Twitter accused her of bashing Biden.

To which Alcindor responded,

“It’s fascinating that when we characterized 9-11, I don’t recall the immediate reaction being “worst day in the Bush presidency?”

Of course, Joyce Alene deleted the tweet because she’s a coward, but we will remember it forever.

Why are people comparing 9-11, a day when we lost over 3,000 citizens, to Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan? Biden chose this path. Former President George W. Bush didn’t. 9/11 was a surprise attack that nobody saw coming, and it wasn’t Bush’s fault any more than anybody else. Biden had options. He had strategies and contingencies that he could have considered without focusing so much on Covid-19 and executive orders during his first seven months in office before making his plans for Afghanistan permanent. Biden wanted to go against former President Donald Trump’s plan for the withdrawal because he thought he had a better one.

One Twitter user said, “Your choice of words matters as much as the events you are discussing. Reporters who want to be known as reporters must recognize that their phrases can be red meat when not quoted in context. You may have been quoting the WH, but you didn’t say you were.”

Did it matter if she said that or not? It is a problem with America. Americans love to bash ideas, policies, and statements when no context is given, but they re-think their position when they find out who said it.

Just watch this Daily Wire street interview where Ami Horowitz asks people how racist comments are. The first comment is, “referring to Barack Obama, is the first mainstream African American who is bright, articulate, and clean.” Everyone who answered said that on a scale from 0-10, 0 being not racist and ten being very racist, they said it was seven or above, with most answers being 10.

While most didn’t realize Joe Biden had made comments like that, at least one said that it should be common knowledge that Joe Biden is a racist.

So, you should note that instant gratification isn’t always worth it and research before you respond to Twitter posts or anything. America isn’t as articulate or educated as it used to be. Social media hasn’t helped. Don’t believe everything flagged as misinformation is misinformation, and don’t believe that it’s true if it’s not faded. Look into it for yourself.