MSNBC Host Pounces, As NBC’s Chuck Todd Dares To Tell The Truth About Biden

Chuck Todd of NBC, Host of ‘Meet The Press’ that airs on Sunday, talked about the supposed anti-vax Republicans and the Biden Administration. The NBC show has been airing since 1947 and has seen several hosts till today. After the late Tim Russert, who was one of the most beloved and recognized hosts of the recent years, Chuck Todd now makes appearances at the show from time to time, but after recent criticism from a fellow at MSNBC, we’re not so sure if we will see Todd much often here.

Todd started the show with the usual monologue of the recent happenings, including the Republicans Anti-vax misinformation campaign, blaming Biden for not bringing the US back to normal. According to Matt Negrin, the host of ‘Hardball’ at MSNBC did not like how Chuck started the show and implied that he had purposefully made it look like the anti-vax had nothing to do with Biden’s inability to bring the country back to normal. In another tweet, Negrin talks about how the anti-vax and pro-Jan 6 Republicans have a role in lying throughout the misinformation campaign, declaring the Pandemic and the Elections as fake and implying that the Republicans have always been lying to get their way.

We don’t know why or where Negrin has heard such a thing. Still, the GOP has never conspired to spread anti-vax misinformation. Negrin claims that the Republicans are spreading misinformation regarding microchips, fertility side effects, voter fraud, dead people voting, etc. Chuck Todd responds that these people are raising concerns on how Biden is bad for the economy, and honestly, Chuck isn’t wrong. Biden promised to shut down the virus instead of shutting down the country, but he did the exact opposite.

Moreover, instead of instilling trust among the citizens regarding the vaccine, he started imposing it and even sent people door to door for vaccines. It isn’t how a leader leads. And Negrin dear, lashing out on a fellow host for something completely baseless is very stupid.