MSNBC Host Claims SCOTUS Conservative Majority is “Dubiously Obtained”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, host of “All In,” lashed out at conservatives on Monday for what he called “whining” over Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. This came before he asserted that the court’s majority was “dubiously obtained.”

Hayes’ accusations come despite the fact that all nine justices, including the three confirmed during the Trump administration — that the left desperately wants to attach asterisks to — were constitutionally seated on the high court. Add the rich irony of Hayes accusing conservative senators of “whining,” and we have Exhibit A for his network’s irrelevance in modern political discourse.

The true fear of Hayes and the left is the 6-3 conservative-leaning Supreme Court majority will remain in place for decades, thus being a roadblock for their increasingly unpopular agenda for many years to come. The Washington Post conducted a statistical analysis of the court factoring in the current ages of justices and the average length of years on the bench.

The result? A conservative majority into the 2050s. For the left, this is simply unacceptable.

Democrats are slow to face the reality that elections matter and love to equate any conservative response to radical social movements as “trying to maintain a 1940s, 1950s view of what the United States is.” The fact that justices are constitutionally confirmed for life means that the will of previous voters and administrations is imprinted on the court.

In other words, rapid social change is tempered by the more experienced and restrained voices of previous generations.

The solution for MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and leftists who have no regard for constitutional checks and balances? Court expansion and term limits for Supreme Court justices, both with the goal of “saving democracy.”

The left had no issue with the court’s makeup when justices thwarted the will of the vast majority of Americans in the 1960s and 70s. Everything from prayer in schools and ending the death penalty to legislating wildly unpopular busing mandates from the bench was just fine for Democrats.

No, for Hayes and the leftist fringe, the issue is simply not getting their agenda rubber-stamped and imposed onto Americans from above. If the results are not in their favor, change the rules — or in this case, the Constitution. What’s to stop the GOP from doing the exact same thing when it regains control of the White House in 2024 or later? Nothing.