Motherboard Responds to SCOTUS Leak with DIY Abortion Instructions

The Democrat party has been collectively losing its mind this week over developments at the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS). A draft opinion was leaked to Politico of an upcoming decision allegedly overturning Roe v. Wade.

Lost in all the rhetoric is what the SCOTUS decision actually does. It removes federal regulation and allows each state to determine individually how it is going to police abortion. Effectively this means that California will have the procedure available all the way up to birth, while Mississippi will ban abortions all together. Instead of there being an edict from the court on high, the citizens of the United States will be able to vote on how they want the issue handled. Democracy at work.

That has not stopped people from completely losing touch with reality. Motherboard for example is tweeting out how to self-induce an abortion with horse ulcer medicine.

Beyond the fact that this is a horrifying tweet, obviously do not take medical advice from Twitter. It is ironic that the left is touting an off-label use of a veterinarian medication given the media’s treatment of Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan contracted Covid-19 and was prescribed a medication that also has veterinarian uses in horses. Even though the medication was under a doctor’s supervision and has shown some promise in studies, Rogan was absolutely pilloried for it. In the present case, Motherboard is giving medical advice for something that may soon be illegal.

Intellectual consistency is not a hallmark of the Left. It has spent the last year hyper focused on the transgender issue. They have refused to call women who have babies “mothers,” instead preferring the term “birthing person.” Now women’s rights are back at the forefront and all of that is forgotten.

The ease with which the left moves its arguments reveals one paramount truth. The only thing that matters to them is winning. They will attack conservatives relentlessly for actions they then take themselves only weeks later. Consistency is a hindrance rather than a virtue. The country is waking up to this fact. The net result is Democrats will continue to lose power until they actually stand for something.