‘Mother Of All Cringes’: AOC Was Promoting Her New Merch Line

Everyone’s been talking about that “Tax The Rich” dress Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wore to the New York Met Gala recently. It was bad enough, the congresswoman showing up to a party with some of the world’s absolute most elite rich people in attendance, a lavish celebration of wealth and worldly success, wearing a dress posing like she’s some anarchist looking out for the proletariat. Good luck selling that, AOC.

But now we’ve learned it’s so much worse than a socio-economically and politically tone-deaf fashion statement. AOC didn’t just think it was a good idea to wear to the Met Gala. She has a merch line with the anti-American, anti-business, anti-economics slogan emblazoned on all the apparel. She wants all the Bernie-bots and campaign socialists drinking $15 coffees and posting to the gram on their $1,500 smartphones to wear some “Tax The Rich” gear to show off how woke they are!

That’s barely one cut above the greasy hippy wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt that he bought with his mom’s MasterCard off a Dell Inc. computer and got custom printed to order and shipped to him on a t-shirt made by a kid in a factory in Guatemala. The left can’t make memes when they try to share memes online, and they can’t meme in real life either. They’re the wing of American politics that settles for easy slogans you can teach to a parrot.

The merchandise in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s new “Tax The Rich” shop is very overpriced and expensive for what it is. The socialist Democrat congresswoman makes a pretty good capitalist. The proceeds go to her relentless political fundraising efforts, amassing an envious war chest that politicians in Washington have spent lifetime careers trying to amass.

She’s young, and everything she says goes viral, so AOC has her eyes on the White House. She’s sure she’ll be president someday. But she should take a lesson from this last Democratic presidential primary in 2020. That kind of intense anti-business talk pushes donors away and mainstream, centrist voters who don’t want to live under a radical, leftwing, socialist government because they know that isn’t good for workers.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) seemed like she had a good shot at the presidential nomination in 2020. She was on form, especially in the earlier debates, and gave Joe nearly as good as Kamala Harris did in that first debate, tearing her old colleague from Delaware upon the national debate stage for the Democratic audience.

But Warren couldn’t secure the nomination because business and capital were too nervous about how serious she would be about raising their taxes and increasing regulations. Reportedly, even Barack Obama was quietly talking to party leaders behind the scenes and letting them know that he didn’t think Warren was electable by the mainstream voting public in a general election. Eat up all the attention while you can, AOC. It may seem like it’s working now, but she’s not angling for the role in American history that she thinks she is.