More Realizing “Gender Fluidity” in Children is a Destructive Myth

The notion of small children deciding they are not tied to their biological gender has been accepted in some circles. But more and more Americans realize that bizarre medical treatments for the young are destructive and irreparable.

The flag was firmly planted by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton last month in his declaration that this combination of medicine and so-called “gender politics” has victims too young to make such choices. This legal opinion cited numerous doctors and medical sources in declaring that trangender procedures constitute child abuse.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the state’s Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate cases of children subjected to such “care.” This “care” includes minors undergoing a long list of elective surgeries and treatments for gender reassignment and puberty blocking.

Some local prosecutors have said they would not bring charges, and a Texas judge issued an injunction against the governor’s order. Over 60 companies, including Apple, Google, Capital One and Levi Strauss and Co. have signed off on a full-page ad in the Dallas Morning News titled “Discrimination is bad for business.”

Has it really come to this? How recently would such bizarre medical practices have been seen for what they are–a twisted application of radical ideology being applied to minors not old enough to make such permanent decisions?

Transgender ideology has stepped to the forefront of the culture wars, and for good reason. Under the guise of treating “gender dysphoria,” which is unhappiness with one’s biological sex, some in the medical community want free rein to conduct a wide range of “transitioning” surgeries and treatments on minors. And prosecutors are actively charging parents who refuse to go along with this quackery for abuse and neglect.

Just last week, Dr. Ximena Lopez of Texas filed suit against the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center after her clinic was ordered to stop administering cross-sex hormones and “puberty-blockers” to minors.

Last year in Ohio, a judge removed a minor girl from her parents’ custody when they decided to not assist her in “transitioning” to a male.

The battle lines over doctors performing permanent and non-reversible surgeries on children are being drawn in states all over the U.S. What was once rational common sense — that boys are boys and girls are girls — is under attack, and woe unto those who dare declare that obvious fact.