Millennial Americans Favor Criminalizing Misgendering, But Overall, Americans Disagree

A recent poll conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek revealed some intriguing insights into the views of millennial Americans, aged 25 to 34, regarding gender pronouns and language. 

In the poll conducted on July 6 with 1,500 respondents, 44% of millennials believe that referring to someone by the wrong gender pronoun should be considered a criminal offense. This concept, known as “misgendering” in left-wing terms, pertains to using pronouns that do not align with a person’s self-identified gender. 

For example, a person who refers to a transgender woman as a man instead of the woman he claims to be would be guilty of misgendering.

While a significant portion of millennials supports criminalizing misgendering, 31% rejected the idea. The rest either expressed uncertainty or remained neutral on the matter.

Interestingly, this view is also prevalent among the age group of 35 to 44, with 38% in favor of making misgendering a crime. In contrast, 35% disagreed, and 26% were unsure.

Moving on to Generation Z, Americans aged 18 to 24 showed a different perspective as only 33% of Gen Z individuals supported the notion of criminalizing misgendering, while a majority of 48% opposed it. The remaining respondents either held neutral views or were uncertain. 

It is worth noting that other polls this year indicate an increase in Generation Z’s acceptance of the binary concept of gender, with 57% now acknowledging only two sexes compared to 43% in 2021. However, Gen Z also reported being more comfortable using “preferred pronouns” compared to other age groups.

The overall sentiment across all age demographics leans against criminalizing misgendering. A vast majority of Americans, 65%, disagree with the idea of turning it into a criminal offense. On the other hand, 19% supported the notion, and 12 percent remained neutral. A small minority, 4%, expressed uncertainty on the matter.