Millenials Are Now Blocking Relatives on Facebook Over Politics

The divisiveness that largely accompanies politics in the United States is hard to understate.

Various issues, such as the 2020 presidential election, gun control, and even the root causes of inflation are highly heated. Many people’s thoughts on these issues and others are connected to their political affiliations as individuals.

In today’s society, many folks hold the view that those who fail to completely agree with them are the enemy. Even some friendships and families are not completely immune from this.

As it turns out, political division is having a stronger impact than many people might have liked to believe.

Excommunicated Via Social Media
A fresh Time2Play survey shows that more than 78% of millennials have blocked relatives on Facebook over political posts they disagree with. This is huge and speaks volumes about just how much politics plays a role in people’s lives and decisions today.

Research studies have shown that most younger folks aren’t open to hearing political views that aren’t totally in lockstep with their own.

This means that even people who agree with some, but not all, of a relative’s political opinions could find themselves on the receiving end of a Facebook block.

Over 41% of people across every age group admitted to blocking folks online for posting high amounts of political messaging. This, of course, could very well overlap with the number of people who’ve blocked others for sharing political opinions they don’t agree with.

What’s Causing This Division?
When Joe Biden was giving his inaugural address over a year ago, he specifically addressed the division that pits left-wingers against right-wingers. The president denounced tensions between these two groups, saying he’d work as president to unify the American public.

This is not a promise the president lived up to. As a matter of fact, since Biden’s gotten into office, he’s attacked right-wingers on multiple occasions.

It’s par for the course for this president to bash the character and values of Americans who voted for former President Trump or oppose left-wing agendas, such as the overhaul of the Senate filibuster.

As president, Biden has repeatedly used his platform to call for people to fall in lockstep with his agenda. Even when moderates within his party called for certain changes, the White House went after them as well.

All things considered, no one in the United States should hold their breath while waiting for any political division to end.