Mexico’s Turn: The Border Mess Is About To Get Much Worse

The US-Mexico Border at Rio-Grande has been flooded with undocumented migrants entering the US. Still, now the flood has gone messier as the Mexican Government refused to accept any deported non-Mexicans into their territory resulting in the over-crowdedness of the undocumented aliens at the detention centers.

The US government also required a tremendous workforce at the borders to handle the crisis, which led to the summoning of the ICE officers at the boundaries. Previously, their duties only included stopping any illegal activity like smuggling or trafficking but were now called to process the cases of illegals more quickly to be let out of the detention centers. They are even engaged in providing covid emergency response, vaccines, guiding immigrants of their legal rights, and connecting them to some non-governmental organization to help them. The facilities at the Rio Grande, the busiest migrant town along the border, are filled with 6,671 immigrants even though they can only hold 965, which is why the Government is attempting to speed up the process so they can be released into the country and make more room in the facilities, which are immediately filled with an equal number.

These immigrants are released into US territory without any court date, with a 60-day window to contact an ICE officer to process their legal proceedings. Of all the 50,000 people released into the country, 15,000 have not shown up at all, and these are just the ones whose 60-day limit has surpassed and only accounts for a fraction of the total number. They have been released into the American streets with no way to determine their whereabouts.

The Biden administration aimed to lift Title 42, which allowed the Government to deport families and individuals. But with the Mexican Government’s changed action plan to not accept non-Mexican families and even some individuals based on their age and demographics, it falls upon the US to choose between deporting them or housing them.