Men Sentenced To Prison For Fraudulently Trying To Register Voters

Two men have been convicted and sentenced in Duval County, Florida after they were on trial for a vote fraud case. The two had forged the signatures of Floridians on registration forms and fraudulently registered them to vote.

Devin King, 32, was arrested in 2021 for submitting a large number of fake voter registrations to Duval County election officials. The court handed King a one-year prison sentence followed by probation. His co-conspirator, Jordan Daniels, 35, was sentenced in November. He got ten months in prison, followed by a 14-month probation.

Daniels had pleaded guilty on Nov. 3 to a criminal charge in connection with the forging of signatures on Florida voter registration forms. Asides from the 10-month jail time and 14-month probation he was issued, the court also ordered him to pay approximately $2,000 in fines and complete 100 hours of community service.

Florida allows accredited third parties to register voters; however, they are required to follow state guidelines.

According to arrest reports, Duval County election officials noticed that a large number of voter registration forms a third party turned in seemed suspicious. They had observed personal information that was wrong and signatures that did not match. Officials also reported that they further suspected the two when forms that usually arrive worn came clean.

Upon investigation, authorities were led to King and Daniels. They were both arrested in November 2021.


Per a 2021 research by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), the United States has seen a rise in election crime cases. The research, which partially led to the voter fraud convictions, revealed that 156 criminal referrals were made about potential election crimes across nine Florida counties.

“We handed this report to state officials to increase pressure on state prosecutors to address this and other election crime referrals,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams, in a statement in which he revealed that King and Daniels’ arrests were “a result” of the organization’s research.

Adams added that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) implemented a state election crimes unit to fight voting crime across the state. “Since this report, Governor Ron DeSantis has implemented a state election crimes unit, making Florida’s election significantly more secure. He deserves credit for the steps he has taken to fight election crimes in Florida,” he stated.