Media’s COVID Narrative Crumbles Under The Weight Of The Latest Data

Florida’s Covid-19 infection to death rate is 1% below New York, a state that President Joe Biden has said was handled well by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Biden noted that Cuomo did “a hell of a job” with Covid, infrastructure, and all things political.

Florida has a death rate from the Covid-19 virus at 1.4% compared to New York at 2.4%. While the comparison may be tight, that’s around 20,000 people. Florida has been fully open for about a year, and no mask or vaccine mandates exist in the state. Governor Ron DeSantis has been blasted in the media because he set the people of Florida free and won’t require masks in school, but they continually get proven wrong.

The trend in virus detection and intervention is essential to note. Spikes in Covid-19 cases aren’t always because people refuse to follow the guidance or “breaking the rules” of the Covid-19 overlord, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Occasionally there are scientific reasons why people are getting sick at the same time.

Antibody response in someone’s body protects them from future viruses they may encounter. With Covid-19, a virus we haven’t ever seen before, the virus got a lot of people sick at the same time. The antibodies that people naturally had in their system took effect and lasted for a while. Many people were not exposed and did not become ill at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdowns, although this gradually altered. More regions are reopening with fewer restrictions. After all, we can’t just shut down the country every time something scary happens.

Large spikes occur when they occur. There may be no rhythm or rationale to it, but determining one is critical for the virus’s future and how it is investigated. Florida is currently seeing a spike in cases, just like they saw in January and last August. And guess what? They’ll probably see one in January and August of 2022 as well.

New York cases have been a roller-coaster in a slightly different way, but with the same trend. Cases went up just before May 2020 and went up just before October 2020. This year, Covid cases went up just before May and are starting to go up in mid-August.

On the other hand, Hawaii sees a large influx of cases during a strict lockdown where people have to wear masks indoors and outdoors. The state saw very few Covid-19 cases until August 2020 and then again in January 2021, and now again in August. No correlation between masks and spread exists, and it’s proven that there is no correlation between vaccination and distance.

I’ll repeat myself, “no correlation exists between masks or vaccinations and spread of covid-19.”

Yet, the Biden administration would have you believe that if you get a vaccine and put a mask on, you’ll be protected. It’s a lie and an irresponsible lie at that.

The CDC has constantly given incorrect numbers and false guidance on the Covid-19 virus, and nobody trusts them. It’s that simple. Nobody wants an organization or government to force rules and guidelines on you when you don’t trust them. It would be better to hear nothing from the CDC or the Biden administration from this point forward than to have them lie every time they open their mouth.

Americans deserve to treat their bodies the way they wish, and forced vaccinations and mask mandates aren’t a good plan moving forward.