McConnell Donor Spending Big to Fight Eric Greitens Senate Bid

A major donor to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is now spending big in an effort to block former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens in his effort to win the GOP primary race in that state for the U.S. Senate.

A group of establishment Republicans has formed a super PAC named “Show Me Values” to spend millions of dollars in negative advertising targeting Greitens. The group is planning to begin a TV ad blitz running through the end of June and expects to remain involved up through the primary on August 2.

One of the Show Me Values ads claims that Greitens has been involved in “scandal after scandal.” The ad presents allegations made by his ex-wife claiming he abused her and their children. Greitens has previously denied those allegations.

Another of the group’s negative ads says that Greitens is “soft on China,” and tries to distance Greitens from President Donald Trump. It claims that “while President Trump was getting tough on China, Eric Greitens was praising them.”

Rex Sinquefield and his wife, Jeanne, are major funders of Show Me Values along with other Missouri Republicans. Sinquefield has been a longtime and consistent contributor to Mitch McConnell’s campaigns as well as the super PAC Senate Leadership Fund.

The Greitens campaign said the Show Me Values PAC is “scared of an America First champion.” Campaign manager Dylan Johnson said that the “swamp creatures and grifters” involved in Show Me Values “know their time at the trough is finished.”

Show Me Values has also criticized a Greitens ad last week showing him going “RINO hunting,” claiming that it exhibited violence toward GOP members.

Greitens told Breitbart News last month that establishment Republicans are becoming more afraid the base of the party is moving closer to the America First movement. He added that he is an “America first candidate running against RINOs who are supporting Mitch McConnell.”

Greitens resigned as governor in 2018 amid sexual assault allegations and his top challenger in the primary race is Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. Recent polling shows Greitens leading with 24.8% support compared to 21.3% for Schmitt.

Trump has not made a formal endorsement in the race, and Donald Trump, Jr. said that his father feels at this time it is best for him to wait and see how the primary plays out.