McCloskey’s Claim The Weapons Were For Protection From ‘Violent’ Mob

The infamous St. Louis couple that waved their guns at the mob passing outside their residence is now seeking to keep their law license. The mob passing outside their residence in 2020 was protesting against the George Floyd murder under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer. The couple claimed that the mob was violent and threatening and used the weapons to protect themselves and their property.

The demonstrators went past McCloskey’s residence to stand against the height of racial injustice sparked by the killing of George Floyd. The couple had food on their patio and their daughter on June 28th, 2020, when the mob entered their street, and they responded by waving two weapons at the protesters, held by the husband and wife. No shots were fired, and no one was injured. The couple was applauded by the conservatives, including former President Donald Trump. Since then, Mark McCloskey has become the Republican candidate for the US Senate.

According to McCloskey’s statement, some of the protestors passing in front of their house chanted death, physical abuse, and arson threats against the couple and their property and only took out the weapons for self-defense. The Missouri Chief Disciplinary Counsel pardoned them after a legal complaint was brought against them. Still, the Missouri Supreme Court indefinitely suspended their law license for their indifference to the public safety involving moral turpitude. In response, the McCloskey’s declared that their conduct did not constitute moral turpitude since their conviction was obliterated.

The couple received tremendous widespread public support following their response and included more than 250 unsolicited letters of support.