McCarthy: ‘Lame-Duck’ Pelosi On Farewell Tour In Europe As Debt Ceiling Debate Underway

McCarthy hypothesized that the California Democrat was on a “farewell tour” because she travels to Europe for the second time while Congress is debating the debt ceiling. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy chastised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for breaking long-standing House of Representatives’ conventions such as proxy voting, member fining, and committee appointment.

Rep. Steve Israel claims that Nancy Pelosi has made it nearly hard for the minority to obtain papers from the Biden administration so that we can hold them responsible. “She now has proxy voting,” he said and added, “so there are Democrats who haven’t turned up for work in months but still get paid.”

According to McCarthy, Pelosi denied the minority the chance even to submit an amendment, something that hasn’t happened in the history of Congress. She’s a snoozer of a speaker. Pelosi is on her final tour. And that’s why, he added, “she included $200 million from our hardworking taxpayers in the reconciliation package for a park in her area.”

“Pelosi is back in Europe when she should be worried about the debt ceiling,” according to McCarthy. The House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, made the remarks in an exclusive interview with CNBC’s “Sunday Morning Futures.” On Thursday night, senators decided to support a short-term rise in the federal debt ceiling, possibly preventing a recession.

The bill has now been moved to the House of Representatives, which might vote on it as early as this week. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, was in Italy for the G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit. McCarthy claims that she put $200 million from taxpayers in her budget for a park in her area.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy claims Nancy Pelosi has “desecrated” the House of Representatives by making it difficult for Democrats to obtain papers from the Biden administration. The House minority leader also blasted President Biden’s economic plan as “setting America on the wrong road.” He predicted that the spending measure would “convert America” into a “socialist regime.” According to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a “lame duck” speaker. Members who refuse to go past metal detectors will be fined $10,000 and $5,000, respectively, in the Capitol.