Massive Support For Soros-Backed DA’s Recall

The push to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon passed a milestone Wednesday. Organizers submitted roughly 717,000 signatures on the petition to local election officials, clearing a major hurdle in the process.

The petition needs 566,857 valid signatures, representing 10% of the county’s registered voters, to put the DA’s future in the hands of LA voters. That number was reached weeks ago, but activists plowed ahead.

An additional 150,000 signatures were added in the weeks following the shooting deaths of two El Monte police officers. Gascon faced intense criticism after it was revealed that the suspect, who had a lengthy criminal history, was released on a plea deal.

The DA warned his constituents that the “Republican-led” recall, if it succeeds, will “reverse all our progress.” That’s exactly the point.

Supporters say the mammoth effort is led by victims of Gascon’s policies, which detractors label as soft on crime. The original “Recall George Gascon” effort last year stumbled due to what was described as a lack of organization.

There were no such issues this time around as the drive to force the DA out of office hit the ground running in January. It helped that 37 California municipalities have reached “no confidence” votes against the prosecutor.

Los Angeles County is hardly the only major California city to contract buyers’ remorse after electing a leftist to oversee criminal trials. Just last month, San Francisco voters said “so long” to District Attorney Chesa Boudin over issues remarkably similar to those currently in LA.

Gascon is one of a national wave of radical progressives who roared into office in the past two years, many supported by billionaire leftist George Soros. Groups he funded shelled out $40 million over the past decade to elect at least 75 progressive DAs in the U.S.

The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund blames the surge of leftist prosecutors for “promoting dangerous policies and anti-police narratives.”

Strikingly, one in five Americans now are under the jurisdiction of the leftist’s pet prosecutors.

In Gascon’s 2020 election campaign, he was given $4.7 million by the Soros-supported California Justice and Safety PAC.

Prosecutors who are more concerned about defendants than victims contradict the purpose of the office. The accused have defense attorneys and jurys for that, and a district attorney who blatantly favors the accused tips the scales towards criminals. And we now live the results.