Maryland Churches Latest Victims of Abortion Activists’ Attacks

Attacks on churches, pro-life pregnancy centers, and conservative Supreme Court justices have continued in the weeks since the court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was issued on June 24.

Arson attacks hit churches this past weekend in D.C. suburb Bethesda, Maryland. No injuries were reported at Saint Jane De Chantal Catholic Church after a fire was set there early Sunday morning. The church was vandalized just the night before and reported damages estimated at $50,000 from the attacks.

Another church in the city was also attacked early Saturday morning. The North Bethesda United Methodist Church was vandalized, with some reports indicating there was also an arson fire set at the location.

Authorities reported that evidence indicated the fires at both locations were intentionally set. The two churches are located on the same road in the city and the official investigation indicated that the suspects forced entry before vandalizing the properties and setting the fires.

A pregnancy clinic in Worcester, Massachusetts, was attacked last Thursday, and it is calling for the act to be investigated as an act of domestic terrorism. Clearway Clinic executive director Kelly Wilcox said that the clinic suffered smashed windows and graffiti with messages from “Jane’s Revenge” on its property. Jane’s Revenge is a notorious terror group that has claimed responsibility for many of the recent attacks nationwide.

Problem Pregnancy is another pro-life clinic in the city that was also tagged with “Jane’s Revenge” graffiti and vandalism at about the same time.

The attacks follow a public statement issued by the state Attorney General Maura Healey warning residents about pro-life centers, explaining that the facilities do not provide abortions.

California’s Alternatives Pregnancy Center director Heidi Matzke testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday and told the panel that pregnancy care centers around the nation are being targeted with violent assaults and hateful attacks in the media.

She testified that her center has been forced to hire 24-hour security staff and has reinforced doors. The clinic has decided to stop operating its mobile service because of violent threats.

It is not surprising that the corporate media is disinterested in the ongoing violence that appears to be the classic definition of domestic terrorism. Likewise, there are no signs that Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland has any interest in investigating the criminal acts as terroristic acts or otherwise.

It should therefore come as no surprise that acts of violence and intimidation by those who disagree with people being allowed to democratically decide how they wish to regulate abortion are on the rise.