Mandela Barnes Is ‘Sucking Down’ Dark Money While Complaining About Campaign Finance

Mandela Barnes is a Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate in the 2022 midterm election. Barnes uses legal counselors from the Democrat Party law firms to provide unaccountable Dark Money from Big Business and international donors. Using dirty lawyers while campaigning against money in politics is not just hypocritical. It is corrupt. His finances are likely tied to illegal sources while he is crusading to get serious about undisclosed cash in nonprofits.

Barnes is Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor. Therefore he should know better than pretend to be on a crusade to reform campaign contributions. He promised to confront the impact of dark cash. But recently, the Washington Free Beacon discovered that he hired the Elias Law Group. He is more than happy to deliver a rundown of problems with campaign financing. As he vows to battle mysterious political spending, we learned that he is working with the same Democrat funding firm pushing socialist policies in his most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission. It is an extension of the Democrat machine that got Biden installed and pushes the White House efforts to run this country into the ground.

Marc Elias established a law firm last year. He is a Democratic legal counselor and previous Hillary Clinton advisor. He quickly has enormous dark cash in his organization, and no one knows where it came from. If that sounds a little suspicious, it is.

Using obscured businesses and subsidized groups, Elias sends money around the country to support leftist causes. A needy politician needs to promise to push for changes to election rules so that the Democratic Party can guarantee victories in contested districts. He also addressed Arabella Advisors, one of the primary vehicles for mysterious political spending that goes to Democrats.

According to FEC records, Barnes paid the Elias Law Group $27,000. How much money will he get in return? Your guess is as good as mine.

Barnes pretends that he is a crusader against the cash and bribery in government when he is a part of it. The guys that crow the loudest have the most to hide. Americans for Public Trust scrutinized Barnes and his relationship with Elias. They concluded that Barnes wanted to reduce dark money, but he gave more than huge sums to Marc Elias. You cannot play with dark money behemoth Arabella Advisors and the Arabella North Fund when you burn through millions in negative ads and get away with it unless you are a Democrat. Then it is not a problem.

Elias Law Group works for Arabella Advisors. Arabella is a consultant of the bundle’s countless dollars through a daisy chain of organizations that support Democrats. In 2020 he created the Democracy Docket LLC and the Democracy Docket Action Fund to subsidize changes to election regulations in numerous states. Systems like Dominion would be used, and mail-in ballot verification laws would be changed. These groups have stymied voter ID laws. That must be because they want to raid the elections and get away with fraud unless you have an innocent explanation. Barnes blames the GOP for raising cash and claims the Republicans are trying to prohibit minorities and disadvantaged people from voting. He promotes the Freedom to Vote Act to force states to give up their constitutional right to examine and monitor elections. Instead, the federal government will compel loose and corrupt voting practices and disenfranchise legal voters.

These Democrat Dark Money corporations are a problem for every law-abiding citizen in Wisconsin and nationwide. But at least Republicans are honorable and ethical citizens who seemingly cannot or will not stop this theft and corruption.