Male Blood Donor Turned Away for Refusing to Declare Whether or Not He Was Pregnant

Leslie Sinclair, 66 years old and a blood donor for almost half a century, was turned away from making his normal donation. The reason? He refused to answer the woke and absurd question of whether he was pregnant.

At his age, he presumably felt his days of being asked the ridiculous were over.

The cheerful giver was rejected by a clinic in Scotland after telling the staff his being pregnant was “impossible.” He said there are people in dire need of blood, including children, but he cannot donate because of a “question that can’t possibly be answered.”

Records show Sinclair has donated 125 pints of blood over the years to the U.K.’s socialized medicine program.

The retired driver acknowledged there’s always medical questions and that’s expected, but not asking a man about pregnancy. He said his 59-year-old wife Margaret was also perplexed by the idiocy of the question.

Simply trying to do what he sees as his civic duty to others, Sinclair said he left on his bike and will not be back. His being turned away came as U.K. medical authorities asked for a million blood donors over the next five years to build back supplies depleted by COVID-19.

The question found its way onto the mandatory form because the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) says “sex assigned at birth is not always visually clear to staff.”

On top of the million donors sought by the U.K. agency, the SNBTS recently launched an ad campaign looking for 16,000 new donors. There’s one who’s available who pedaled away on his bike after being rejected.

U.K. National Health Service Director Marc Turner stressed the decision came from “inclusiveness.” He declared that the medical organization recognizes “changes in society,” and to avoid discrimination all donors are asked the same question.

Turner went on to thank Sinclair for his generosity over the years.

“Inclusiveness” should not demand checking your common sense at the door. The robots handing out questionnaires for the donor agency should trust their senses and know that a 66-year-old man — or any man for that matter — cannot get pregnant.