Mainstream Media Ignores Attempted Murder Of 25 Sheriff’s Recruits

Another mass shooting has taken place, and it is horrifying to think of the lost lives and the broken hearts of those left behind. The gunman who opened fire in a Colorado Springs gay nightclub Saturday night was stopped by bold patrons who subdued him until police arrived.

The media has painstakingly covered this story with up to four articles nearing the top page of the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. Mass shootings are frightening and tragic. What happened in Colorado Springs is no exception. The trouble is, there is an astounding lack of interest in the intentional violence causing injuries for the police recruits at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office.

Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez was arrested this Wednesday after driving into Los Angeles County Sheriff’s recruits on their morning training run. The driver severely injured 25 enlistees with broken bones, head trauma, and loss of limbs. Sheriff Alex Villanueva made a statement calling the collision a “deliberate act.”

Unsurprisingly, there is less exposure of the harm done to police officers in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times. Mass violence is not all created equal.

The driver attempting murder on these honorable men and women was freed with no charges filed. Many reading the news won’t know this detail since it is unpublished by most media outlets. Meanwhile, the shooting in Colorado Springs brings out those who wish to politicize tragedies and violent crime.

President Biden has also quickly jumped out on Twitter, calling for further gun control.

But do politicians have anything to say to the Sheriff’s recruits who are hospitalized? Do they have anything to say about the sacrifices law enforcement make daily? No, it is a sickening double standard.

The Colorado mass shooting is a tragic incident. And, of course, it should have coverage. But the car attack on LA County Sheriff’s recruits should too. These sad events are both deserving of full national coverage.