Logan: When It Comes To The Facts On The Ground In Afghanistan, The White House Is A Source Of ‘Misinformation’

According to Fox News, investigative journalist and No Agenda host Lara Logan stated that President Joe Biden and his administration are achieving their objectives in Afghanistan. Tucker Carlson, the anchor of Tucker Carlson Tonight, claimed that both Biden and the Taliban spread “misinformation and propaganda” about ground reality and the best approach to settle the conflict. While Logan agreed to this statement and stated that the enemies of the nation, as well as the Biden administration, want people to believe that there is nothing they can do, a world superpower (United States) has been humiliated, beaten, and embarrassed on the global stage that it has bowed to terrorists. She added that every single decision that brought America here was political.

Moreover, Logan claimed that while the US-Taliban withdrawal deal had problems, Biden had the last say on how it would be executed, putting politics ahead of policy and generating worldwide chaos. Furthermore, the US military is not utilizing any of the levers of power in any dimension. She also highlighted that the Taliban had demonstrated the capability to destroy stockpiles, such as the billions of dollars worth of taxpayer-funded weaponry it abandoned. Logan raised a significant concern that none of this capability has been used throughout the Afghan conflict, which presents a more prominent issue about “why.”

Logan emphasized that Biden’s hesitation has prompted United States adversary China to crow about the state of the Kabul problem. They mock Joe Biden as well as the United States on Xinhua, the state news agency. As a result, people accept this humiliation that puts America in peril. Lara Logan concluded by criticizing the White House’s handling of the Afghan crisis. She stated that there are alternatives to living in Afghanistan and urged an end to the military presence in the war-torn nation. Therefore, America requires allies to ensure global security.