Liz Peek: Even As The Progressive Movement Loses Steam, Biden And Pelosi Continue To Cater Them

The Democrats are now starting to show concern regarding Pelosi’s unending attempts to approve the staggering $3.5 trillion Bill after it passes the Senate. This so-called infrastructural Bill has the Democrats calling for Pelosi to open up more details regarding the budget. They raise questions about certain aspects of the Bill that Biden and Pelosi aim to pass without a GOP vote.

In a letter written by the Democrats to the White House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, they urged her to explain some parts of the Bill, including spending trends and scope of revenue generation. They were considering the current situation of rising inflation, the national debt, and not to forget the trillions previously allocated for the COVID emergency. The Democrats are very much justified as it’s not just about the spending trends but also about Biden and his administration’s leftist narrative reflecting through the budget that they so tirelessly are trying to get approved.

The entire US nation is in chaos as the economy is sinking day by day due to the rise in crimes and violence as the illegal migrants cross through the southern border in record numbers. With previous loans already stalked up and the added burden on the economy of the illegal migrants, rising inflation leading to the hike in commodity prices is enough of a crisis for the nation to worry about. Yet, Biden is passing an infrastructural bill for which he plans to raise the taxes even higher. Moderate Democrats are no fool and therefore have opted to vote for contestants in the states like Virginia and Ohio that did not believe in defunding the police department, cutting off high-paid officers that pay the bills, or raising the taxes. Hence, the middle class crushes down entirely. Now they are questioning the appointment of Bernie Sanders, whether or not they want to have a leftist in authority.