Leon Panetta: American Lives Will Be ‘On The Line’ If Conflict Breaks Out In Ukraine

Leon Panetta was asked if he expected US soldiers to be utilized in support or direct combat if Russia invades Ukraine. According to The Hill, the former Defense Secretary stated that American lives are on the line. During an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Panetta made the remarks that will air on Sunday.

He believes that the president is considering them as potential allies. But, let’s face it, he remarked that military advisers are currently working with Ukrainians in Ukraine. “If something happens, there’s little doubt that American lives will be put in jeopardy.”

Moreover, punishing Russia, Panetta added, would “turn this around.” Nonetheless, he warned that some penalties might be harmful to the country. “What will persuade Putin is whether or not he will suffer a black eye if he joins in war,” Panetta speculates. He said of Russian President Vladimir Putin, “And he thought that’s where their best leverage lies.”

“He thinks the most significant deterrent they have right now with respect to Russia is an expanded American military presence in Europe, as well as backing for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s pro-Russian rebels,” US Secretary told the BBC News.

According to Panetta, Russian President Vladimir Putin has three alternatives for dealing with escalating tensions: invading Ukraine, negotiating an agreement to safeguard Russian security, or keeping soldiers stationed at the border.

Furthermore, according to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to decide on Ukraine in the coming weeks. It depletes their energy. Panetta stated of Russia’s forces stationed at the Ukrainian border, “They’ve got troops at high readiness that are placed there. It takes a lot out of a unit to be ready to combat all of the time.”

Russia has stockpiled some 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s border but denies any invasion accusations. President Joe Biden of the United States said that troops would be sent to NATO nations in Eastern Europe soon.