Leftist Prosecutors Reportedly Suppressing Evidence To Sell Plea Deals

Legal officials are reportedly slamming leftist prosecutors for their inability to share necessary evidence in various court cases.

Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot (D) was reprimanded by a judge last week for his “widespread” failure to provide defense lawyers with proper evidence.

The Dallas prosecutor has expressed public support for not enforcing certain laws in the past, promising in June of 2022 that he would not pursue charges against illegal abortions.

Judge Amber Givens provided examples of five different cases from the past several years that she alleges were impacted due to police departments not turning in all of the necessary evidence. According to Givens, there were “many trials” that would not move forward because “probably 99% of them” have “discovery issue[s].”

One attack ad put out by a former opponent Creuzot alleged that his “reckless policy” has enabled the rise of crime in Dallas.

These issues are not limited to Dallas alone. Soros-backed prosecutors have been booted from cases in Virginia and even sued for hiding evidence and even sued for hiding or delaying evidence in an effort to “sell” plea deals.

Meanwhile, a radical Soros-backed DA who reportedly refused to pursue charges such as drug dealing or retail theft was impeached after he allegedly withheld evidence from the courts on numerous occasions.

These actions routinely bring deadly results, the Washington Free Beacon reports. One man was released from prison after serving a five-month stint rather than the mandatory minimum of 26 years his felony charges carried. Fortunately for him, the charges were dropped to misdemeanors by Fairfax County prosecutor Steve Descano (D).

It was less than a year later when that same man went on a shooting spree, allegedly killing two men and injuring three others in Washington, D.C., and New York City. Had it not been for the actions of Descano, the man would have been in prison instead of the streets.

Former federal prosecutor and senior legal fellow of the Heritage Foundation Charles Stimson suggested to the Free Beacon that most of the progressive prosecutors, many of whom have taken massive sums of money from leftist billionaire George Soros, are intentionally placed in their positions because they are ineffective.

“They’re incompetent at being prosecutors because most of them have never been a prosecutor,” Stimson said. “They’re hiring defense-oriented public defenders who aren’t used to turning over any evidence to the other side … They see the cops as the bad guys, the victims as invisible, and the defendants as the victims.”