Left-wing Media Raging Over Virginia’s Governor Teaming Up With Kari Lake

In November 2021, then-candidate Glenn Youngkin pulled off what many Americans thought to be impossible. Youngkin defeated Virginia Democrat (and former governor) Terry McAuliffe in the race to become the commonwealth’s next governor.

Youngkin pulled this off in a state that not only went to Biden in 2020, but his victory also came partially due to votes from those who supported Biden in the previous election.

Bipartisan support for the current Virginia governor happened because of him reaching out to parents and showing that he values their rights to be involved in their kids’ education.

Now, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) is teaming up to help other conservatives win their gubernatorial elections this year. This includes not just Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) but also Republican candidate Kari Lake in Arizona.

The latter partnership has the left-wing media raging.

Reviewing the Youngkin-Lake Team Up
Already, the media is running with the baseless narrative that Youngkin is letting down his more middle-of-the-road supporters by stumping for Lake in Arizona. This comes as left-wing outlets have been working overtime to smear Lake as radical and unhinged.

Meanwhile, there are many parallels between how Youngkin ran his gubernatorial campaign in 2021 and how Lake is running hers this year. Both GOP candidates have signaled they’re open to votes from not just Republicans, but also Democrats, Independents, and others.

In fact, Lake has specifically stated that anyone who loves America and loves Arizona is welcome to join her movement. As Lake’s Democratic opponent refuses to debate her, the Arizona GOP candidate is holding a statewide Ask Me Anything Tour.

Youngkin joining Lake is him following through on his commitment to help Republicans across the nation. The media’s true gripe isn’t really with Youngkin backing the Arizona GOP candidate. It’s the fear that his support could give her added momentum as she rises in the polls.

The Bottom Line
The Virginia governor is as much within his rights to team up with Lake as Democrats are to join forces and try to help one another win elections as well.

If the media didn’t fear Kari Lake or believe she could become Arizona’s next governor, they wouldn’t worry about who’s backing her. At the end of the day, now is the time for Republicans to come together, reach out to Americans, and get as many votes as possible.

If the last couple of years have proven anything, it’s that GOP governors can be the last lines of defense against radical policies coming from the federal government.