Left-wing Critics Are Not Happy About a New Florida License Plate

Many Americans are moving to Florida these days. As it turns out, the state’s thriving economy and embrace of freedom are appealing to much of the country.

Last year, Florida gained so many new residents that the state’s Republican Party voters now outnumber Democratic voters by more than 100,000. This is a major milestone for Florida Republicans and the first time this has ever happened.

Nevertheless, with so many people moving to Florida, there’s a push for them not to vote for the same policies which they fled in blue states.

This explains a new Florida license plate that reads “Don’t Tread on Me.”

Controversy Surrounding the License Plate
Buyers of the Don’t Tread on Me license plate will see some of their money go to assist needy veterans of Florida. However, this license plate is also being attacked by left-wing critics in the media and other places that don’t agree with its messaging.

Critics have begun equating the libertarian “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan with racism and even domestic terrorism. However, DeSantis’ team is quickly pushing back against this.

Christian Pushaw, the Florida governor’s press secretary, responded to the uproar on Twitter. Pushaw described the outrage as “fake news hysteria” and reiterated that those who purchase the license plate will be helping veterans who could use the extra support.

Insincere Outrage?
On social media, the negative reactions to Florida’s new license plate have gone viral. However, so have the statements from people pushing back against this criticism.

As it turns out, Florida is not the only state with a “Don’t Tread on Me” license plate. These plates can be found in other states, such as Virginia and Tennessee. Meanwhile, the critics equating Florida’s version with the Confederate flag haven’t called out other states with the same plates.

This, alone, led to many supporters of the new design stating that critics are not truly sincere amid their outrage. Fans of the new license plate also believe that manufactured outrage from the media might actually drive up sales in the long run.

Ultimately, the statements from DeSantis’ team made it clear that no one should hold their breath waiting for this license plate to discontinue.