Larry Elder Considering White House Bid

Conservative former radio host, author, and former California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder is seriously considering a run for the White House in 2024.

Elder ran an admirable campaign but came up short in his bid to oust Gov. Gavin Newsom in last year’s state recall election. Newsome is currently running for reelection in November’s governor’s race and is also mentioned among potential presidential hopefuls.

Elder said he may run even if former President Donald Trump gets back in the ring and seeks reelection.

The author left his radio position earlier this year but is still busy writing a column. He produced the 2020 film “Uncle Tom” and is now the executive producer of the follow-up “Uncle Tom II,” another documentary.

Elder does not see himself as running against either Trump or Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if either or both decide on a campaign for the White House. Instead, he said that he has some important things to say about the state of the nation.

These insights include the “breakdown of the American nuclear family.” Elder made it part of his run to unseat Newsom in California to hammer on the fact that the welfare state pulled families apart.

He declared that women were encouraged to “marry the government” and men to “abandon their financial and moral responsibility.”

In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Elder said that he does not feel that he would be running against Trump or anyone else on the Republican side of the ticket. Rather, he said his hat would be in the ring against either President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris.

Elder said he was in Iowa to “kick the tires” over a possible presidential race. This is common practice for those mulling their chances at the White House, and Elder last weekend spoke at an Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition event.

As he told the Daily Wire, Iowa is a “rite of passage.” Elder reported that he was overwhelmed by the positive response he received from the state’s voters.

He said that no one gave him the impression that they believe his ambition is “an outlandish kind of thing to consider.”