Lara Trump ‘SLAMS’ The NY Times For Using A ‘Double Standard’ After Editing A Headline About Joe Biden And His Son Beau

When President Joe Biden spoke about his late son Beau during a meeting with the families of troops killed in Afghanistan, the New York Times softened its headline, according to Fox News contributor Lara Trump, noting that her father in law, former President Donald Trump, would not have gotten away with the same edit.

The New York Times allegedly changed its title in response to President Biden’s criticism for sharing his sadness over his son Beau’s death with some of the families of the 13 US military members killed in the Kabul terror attack last month. Following the first headline, “Biden, still grieving his son, discovers that not everyone wants to hear about it,” Biden supporters went to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with the report. After a few minutes, the Times altered the headline to “Invoking Beau, Biden Broaches a Loss that Guided His Presidency.”

Subsequently, Lara Trump claimed that she could think of a plethora of headlines and stories that were completely inaccurate and that they had been covered not just by the New York Times but also by several media sources around the country. She also addressed several vital concerns, such as when, if ever, these media sites changed their headlines and reports in support of former President Donald Trump. When was the last time they changed those for the Donald Trump family? Unfortunately, media outlets would never do such a thing for Trump.

There is a double standard. Additionally, it makes the American people wonder what would have occurred if they had reported the facts accurately, what condition America would be in right now if they had.