Kamala’s Response Shows She Supports Biden’s Lies

Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was a chaotic and confusing rehash of his long-dead Build Back Better plan, which was riddled with falsehoods. He talked a lot about Ukraine, but he didn’t share any more beneficial actions. He even mixed up Ukrainians with Iranians and Kamala Harris could be seen correcting him behind him. According to Ukrainian Member of Parliament Oleksandra Ustinova, the speech was a “complete letdown.”

Moreover, Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was expected to address the crushing inflation and soaring gas costs that Americans are experiencing. Instead, he talked a lot about Ukraine and little else. He mentioned inflation but showed a lack of knowledge of it and his primary response to rising gas prices was to steal from the Strategic Reserve rather than increase US production or limit Russian oil.

Kamala Harris spoke on “CBS This Morning” and “CBS Mornings” to discuss Joe Biden’s economic statement. She was asked what she thought of a new survey that revealed 70% of Americans disapprove of the Biden administration’s handling of inflation.

According to the reports, Harris had no responses and stated that the cause for inflation is that people are paying more for food and petrol. “Listen, people are struggling, particularly working people, because of the high cost of petrol and food,” Harris concurred. “And the reasons include what they need to do to solve what happened during the epidemic in terms of supply chain concerns, which resulted in a decrease in the availability of commodities, causing prices to rise.” People also need to address one of the most pressing challenges: the expense of living. It’s prohibitively pricey for working families.”

Furthermore, Kamala Harris claimed the economy isn’t as excellent as Joe Biden has made it out to be and that Americans don’t realize it yet. Harris was asked what the Biden team planned to do about domestic energy issues and if they planned to shut off oil and gas to Russia. When asked if the United States should cease buying Russian oil, she tossed forth another word salad.

Biden depleted the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of 30 million barrels of oil, yet we only utilize roughly 18 million every day. So the question is, what does that entail? What will they do if the conflict breaks out and costs skyrocket? That may already be happening since it has reached its highest price since 2011 and may soon reach five dollars a gallon.

According to analysts, average petrol prices in some US cities would hit $5 per gallon “in the next couple of weeks.” According to Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, the average gas price will likely reach $5 shortly. Because the Biden team has stripped them of their independence, they’ve found themselves in a bind with no way out and they have no answers.