Kamala Harris’s New ‘Political Makeover’ Looks Cringier Than Before

Kamala Harris has had several makeovers. Her political advisers attempt to persuade her to change her mind to improve her poll numbers. She’s been invited to be a guest on Face the Nation for the fourth time this year. This time it didn’t work out.

That’s a terrific beauty-queen question, one that a Miss Universe contestant would answer confidently, not one asked by a softball interviewer like Brennan. It was nothing like the type of foreign policy inquiry Katie Couric threw at Sarah Palin in 2008. But a modern beauty queen would do the same thing.

People believe that September 11, 2001, influenced and prioritized international and domestic policy. And they are entering a new period in which challenges to the country come in numerous forms, including the prospect of autocracies seizing power and wielding disproportionate global influence, as a result, to the earlier discussion on the need to fight for the integrity of our democracy. Furthermore, it is unmistakably about what they must do in the face of the climate problem.

According to former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the most significant risks to the United States are voter ID legislation, citizen-only voting, paper ballots, and prolonged election seasons. China, Russia, Iran, Middle Eastern terrorists, pirates, or the Latin American red wave are not mentioned. Even COVID didn’t cut it, but global warming was mentioned. To put it another way, she sees all of the election integrity measures being implemented by state houses around the country as one of America’s greatest external foreign dangers.

The more they make Kamala Harris appear like the plastic surgery-obsessed Catwoman, the worse she looks, and it’s all part of a Democrat conspiracy to get their vote “reform” through by eliminating the filibuster since they can’t get Republicans or even a few Democrats to join them. She perceives the sole threat to national security as a challenge to her authority through the country’s free and fair elections. Harris, if she had any sense, would quit digging.