Kamala Harris Talks With GOP On Democrat Voting’ Reform’ Bill But Can’t Identify One

The S.1 “For the People” electoral reform bill, offered by Democrats, is effectively dead in the water. Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, and his Republicans were well aware that it would rig elections exclusively for Democrats and gave it the deep-six last June. However, a week later, Vice President Kamala Harris informed the press that she was still working. In addition to this, Kamala Harris has also stated that she’s been committed to the S.1 reform bill. Furthermore, she said that she has spoken with Republicans in her role as Senate president to gain bipartisan support for the same old measure passed before. But in reality, she doesn’t. However, what does it indicate if she can’t even get in touch with a Republican? Senate Leader Kamala Harris has a long history of being the most outspoken leftist in American politics. She’s never been able to work out an agreement with Republicans, and she doesn’t even know any of them personally.

Furthermore, Joe Biden was tasked with getting the S.1 “For the People” Act passed, and he received nothing in return. It instead reveals how hopeless Kamala Harris is at getting the political outcomes that Vice President Biden wishes if she can’t even contact a single Republican. Kamala had a choice of 50 Republican senators, and based on her humiliating Murkowski gaffe, she has failed to get any of them. Furthermore, despite being a vice president, Senate president, and former senator, Kamala Harris does not know any Republicans to make her case for the ten votes needed to overturn the GOP filibuster, which derailed the intended law.

For the time being, she may be just inattentive. Her job as border czar shows this general disposition rather effectively. However, she has very certainly lived in a bubble and never met a Republican. She was marginalized among Iowa’s moderate Democrats and dropped out of the presidential primaries before they began. In sum, Republicans may as well be aliens to her. As a result, it’s unsurprising that she doesn’t know any. Conservatives are essentially non-persons to the Biden administration as well as Harris. Democrats have reigned like extremists so far, believing they have a mandate to “reset” the state.

As a result, her voting record is instructive as well. When Republicans want the bill passed, she almost instinctively votes against her party, an attempt to persuade Joe Biden that she is not the most inept, ineffectual, and embarrassed vice president in US history. On camera, she meets with election poll workers to push her agenda and the individuals responsible for the 2020 election rigging to lobby for them.