Kamala Harris Supports Very Inappropriate Lesson Plan for Children

I will stop writing about Kamala Harris when she stops giving cringeworthy reasons for me to write about her. You can expect about three more years of hot takes on Kamala’s escapades. Today’s example revolves around her response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signing into law the Parental Rights in education bill.

The Vice President tweeted on her official account:

It is important to note that the vice president’s office said a few weeks ago that the DNC runs her Twitter account when they had to walk back the “Ukraine is in NATO” debacle.

The media has been relentlessly characterizing the Florida legislation as the “don’t say gay” bill. Thus, the impetus for the “hateful legislation” slander that has been used to attack the bill. But the bill does no such thing. It simply stops teachers from discussing sexual topics of any kind with children in kindergartner through third grade. It is equally applied across the board because sex as a topic is inappropriate for that age group.

Parents should not have to worry about strangers discussing sex or gender identity with their young children. That is one of the topics that should be handled by parents alone, who can tailor the conversation to their specific child. An incredibly small percentage of parents think the following is appropriate:

What Kamala Harris and this teacher are arguing for is the early sexualization of students who are a decade away from puberty. The psychological literature does not support it and neither do parents.

Confusing children and breaking down boundaries does not provide a supportive environment conducive to learning. The Vice President needs to do better.