Kamala Harris Questioned After Announcing Steps For Protecting The Vaccinated – ‘Doesn’t The Vax Do That?’

Vice-President Kamala Harris has been criticized heavily for her tweet on Sunday. She emphasized that vaccinated citizens need to be protected to end the Covid-19 virus. The tweet raised eyebrows as getting vaccinated is supposed to protect the people against the virus and her words are simply problematic.

She listed in three lines that the administration is committed to vaccinating the unvaccinated and masking and protecting the vaccinated. First of all, the vaccine is doing that for people. The hospitality rate has gone down to only 99.9 percent for the vaccinated people contracting the virus. It should be unvaccinated that are at a greater risk of hospitalization and even death due to the delta variant, and they are the ones that need to be masked and protected.

The Biden administration has always had its approach towards dealing with the virus, and many are now questioning their rhetoric of protecting the vaccinated, which has sparked confusion and criticism. Former Trump administration staffer Kyle Hooten asked why the vaccinated need to be safeguarded, saying isn’t it the vaccines job to do so. Fox News Contributors Joe Concha and Katie Pavlich had the same to ask about Harris’s bizarre statement.

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control monitored that in 13 US Jurisdictions, hospitalizations and death rates were higher for those not fully vaccinated during the past two waves from April to July. And yet, the Biden Administration that claimed to follow the science is going about making bizarre statements confusing the citizens who are now questioning the authenticity of the vaccine and asking if it’s not enough to protect against the virus.