Kamala Harris Is The Worst Politician

According to Kira Davis, Kamala Harris is the worst politician ever encountered, and Eric Swalwell is a reality in this universe. The greatest thing that has transpired in the last two years is that the woman who couldn’t even break 3% in her own primary and couldn’t even make it to Iowa is now only one airplane staircase accident away from the most powerful office in the world.

The worst of it is that Kamala Harris appears inclined to make mistakes. Regardless of how horrible they are as individuals, Joe Biden and Eric Swalwell are at the very least passable politicians. Biden is well-versed in the ways of the traditional media, and he knows that if he keeps out of the limelight, stories about his fling with a Chinese agent will fade away.

A good example is a recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God, a well-known radio personality. After four years of being informed that Donald Trump was literally “Hitler” and loathed Black America, many Black Democrats grew disgruntled with the present government. As a background, Charlamagne grilled the VP on why this government cannot do anything, asking her if Joe Biden or Joe Manchin was the actual president. And Kamala Harris, the true vice president, was in charge of the administration.

Despite her staff’s best attempts to keep her safe, she raced forward like a bull in a china shop. A friendly media stop turned into a full-blown verbal fight between Charlamagne and Kamala Harris. It is believed that, in reality, she’s a flop. The absurdity is that the inquiry was meant to be a great conversation starter. She smacked a baseball into the outfield from over the plate. Harris merely had to calmly explain that they are talking with Joe Manchin and anticipate being able to do so soon. It wasn’t intended to be a slight, but it was the only thing she had left.

This interview showed the impact of the White House and Kamala Harris’ camp have been battling. Putting aside Harris’ poor public relations judgment, the main lesson for people is how insecure she is. When your base believes you’re the worst, you’re the best. Because Kamala Harris is the worst politician one has ever seen. More and more, she’s becoming the new Joe Biden, which is arguably the worst thing a first-term vice president could be.