Kamala Harris Gets ‘Repackaged’ And Now Looks Cringier Than Ever

Kamala Harris enlisted the help of a crisis communications specialist to rebrand her. Her tenure as border surge czar and voting czar was not well received by the public. Of course, taxpayers would foot the tab for this attempt to increase her poll numbers.

Lorraine Voles, along with veteran Obama speechwriter Adam Frankel, was one of two people recruited by Kamala Harris last month. During the transition, both worked for the vice president and “offered to help,” according to a White House official. After acting as a strategist and consultant to Hillary Clinton’s 2006 Senate reelection campaign and 2008 presidential campaign, Voles most recently managed crisis communications at George Washington University and Fannie Mae.

As TheLastRefuge found, the Canadian public relations firm she worked for, Sinking Ship Entertainment, specialized in film creation and distribution starring children. Two more videos show her wearing the same powder-blue pantsuit (maybe the one she requested to be featured in Vogue), are comparable to each other, and perhaps found here and there.

It’s fun to be seen with kids. They make a traumatized client appear empathetic and motherly (or fatherly), which is especially beneficial if one has a reputation for being a scolding jerk. It’s about the children, as the Democrats like to claim when trying to force some revolting socialist idea down the public’s throat.

Because she didn’t know how to communicate with children, Kamala Harris failed as a teacher. She spoke to them as if they were three years old and hadn’t heard of the moon. It is taught how to handle children via trial and error in catechism class to the childless ladies.

Like her previous client Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris was fraudulent, and even Voles couldn’t convert a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Harris had an easy time with politics because her road was paved. Nixon, on the other hand, had no talent for it and ascended by sheer willpower.

Because she doesn’t know much about space, Kamala Harris made a blunder when she spoke to children about it. She knows nothing about her subject, just like she knows nothing about the border and the election-rigging “reform” she volunteered for. Vogue photoshoots, Instagram photographs, and taking bows as the “first” black, Asian, and female vice president are all things Kamala is familiar with. She specializes in public relations. It’s now coming back to bite her.